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Isolation to Aisle in 30 Days



In the infamous words of Pink, let’s get the party started right now! You have the green light; the show must go on and time is not on your side.  Not everything on this list may be possible, but we have tried to cover everything in the spirit of optimism. Let us get you from isolation to aisle in 30 days!








1. Call your planner!

2. Call your venue & ensure they are good to go for your date and their staff is available.

3. Call your caterer & florist and ensure they can still order the food and flowers in time.

4. Call your photographer and confirm your date with them.

5. Get a liquor license if you need one. Go and find a marriage license.

6. Call your DJ, marriage commissioner, baker, hairstylist, makeup artist, manicurist, esthetician and decorator to let them know you are ready to go and confirm your appointments.

7. Call or email your guests and let everyone know your date is set and start collecting your RSVP’s. If calling to collect RSVP’s ask for email addresses so you can communicate with your guests quickly and efficiently and follow up with those who could not confirm during the initial call.

MOVING FORWARD Seek out and confirm replacements for any vendors you have lost. Utilize referrals and your planner (if you have one!) to fill any gaps. Be flexible. Do not panic.




8. If required, call the bridal salon for your dress & bridesmaid dresses to ensure they are ready and will be altered in time. Do the same for the groom and groomsmen’s suits.

9. Check on the wedding bands. Buy any accessories needed for both your attire(cuff links, veil etc.)

10. Check in again with all your vendors to find out what details they need for the day of.

11. Call the hotel you are staying at (if applicable) to ensure they are open, and your reservation is confirmed. Confirm any accommodations for your out of town guests.

12. Purchase or prepare any gifts you plan on giving for the parents, bridal party etc.

13. Call the limousine or transportation provider and confirm your date and final numbers.

14. Call and email the guests that have not RSVP’d yet.

MOVING FORWARD Create a seating chart and send your final numbers to your venue and caterer then complete the place cards.










15. Schedule and confirm a rehearsal time for your ceremony with your bridal party & commissioner.

16. Reflect. Get your vows and speeches done. Finalize the seating chart and place cards.

17. Finalize your songs for the day (first dance, processional, recessional, signing song etc.)

18. Create a timeline for the MC and DJ so they know what to expect the day of.

19. Send your shot list to your photographer/videographer specifying what photos are the most important to you and confirm the final timeline for photography throughout the day.

20. Maybe squeeze in a bachelor/bachelorette party :)

21. Make sure your vendors have all the correct information and contacts for your day and confirm that they will be arriving on time. Discuss any vendor requirements with the venue manager.

MOVING FORWARD Squeeze in a date night together (this is the last one until your married!) and delegate all remaining tasks to friends and family.





22. Attend your rehearsal- enjoy an informal and intimate dinner afterwards!

23. Compile all your personal decor items and label them so they all go to the right place.

24. Try on your wedding gown to ensure that everything fits the way you expect and steam the dress if necessary. Make sure you have a member of the bridal party present to go over how to bustle your gown. Finalize all your styling details- jewelry, hairpiece, veil etc.

25. Take time for you! Go for a walk, jog, meditate or do yoga. You are almost there!

26. Put all your essential items together if you are getting ready on site/away from home.

27. Go for a blissfully relaxing mani/pedi with your bridesmaids if possible or organize a DIY party.

28. Set-up the venue the night before if you can.

29. Get some sleep the night before your wedding day and try to relax.

30. Wake up and enjoy a mimosa or beverage of choice and let the magical day happen!


Give the biggest hugs to your guests, celebrate extra hard and dance the night away. You are married!! Take some time during the night to sneak away from the crowd and watch the wedding from a distance. Breathe in with acknowledgement of everything that went into this special day and exhale with gratitude and joy. Create that memory for yourself, you deserve it!

We can't wait to meet you!

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