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A message from the owner

Pearl & Birch welcomes you to another season of celebrating life & love

In the midst of all we are experiencing, learning, unlearning and sharing about ourselves and others there comes a time when bringing all of that into focus requires energy and commitment. Which is why we have been quietly diving into what that means to Pearl & Birch. It has always been our mission to serve our community through actions that encompass our values of inclusion, representation, diversity, sustainability and love. If we are being transparent about the impact we desire to create in our city, within our industry and in communion with our fellow business owners it requires honest and rigorous conversation. And continued action. Whether we are elevating our industry to seek a higher standard of representation in our marketing, embarking on intentional and meaningful actions with our clients in store or publicly making space for new voices and continued learning on our platforms Pearl & Birch is willing to make the mistakes, self educate and invest in a future the demands the protection of human rights and our planet.

Climate activism cannot exist without anti-racist action.  Understanding the systems we participate in and how they disproportionately affect marginalized communities and continue to uphold oppression is part of striving towards a sustainable future. This is our path forward as a business and we want your to join us.

Remember to be kind, remember to be brave and remember to seek joy.  We are all in this together.


All my love,


Hello lovely, welcome to my shoppe!

As a lover of all things vintage and upcycled I am here to connect all the pretty things to our shoppers while putting cash in the pockets of our sellers.  Raised in Wolseley and residing in the West End, my love for ethical shopping, sustainable fashion and timeless style has found a home in Old St. Vital.  Welcome to Pearl & Birch.

I'm Amanda, your local resale expert, mama of two, ground up business owner, ethical fashion advocate and proud ambassador of love stories for brides across the prairies.


Hello, is it me your looking for?

I am a wedding and formal dress resale expert whose has dedicated her life to saving dresses from cold closets while advocating for more responsible consumption when it comes to our clothes.


As a mama of three (two of the human variety and one cuddle-obsessed furball) I am the self-proclaimed queen of the 3 minute shower. I love organizing and systems, as a child my mom's pantry was my favorite chore! When I am not connecting babes through their wardrobes you can find me watching true crime documentaries, thrifting (why buy new, when its always available used!) and trying to keep up with my two little gladiators.


Amanda is so friendly! Her shop has a relaxed vibe that makes the overwhelming experience of wedding dress shopping fun and exciting! She is knowledgeable and was able to help me find the most perfect dress for my wedding without breaking the bank. I can’t wait to wear my dress this summer and be a pearl and birch bride !!

—  Alicia, Birch Bride

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