Hello lovely,

When I was 11 years old I became obsessed with the environment. I joined clubs, organized a backyard "carnival" to raise money and adopted a whale. In my twenties I became obsessed with fashion- if no one else would wear it I want it.  I collected a closet filled with fast fashion and expensive brand names and I dragged

The Bride behind Pearl & Birch

Like so many other brides I spent over 12 months planning my wedding, sourcing the décor from online pages and buy and sell sites, agonizing over budgets and finalizing details.  My wedding day was beautiful and I cherish every memory as part of our love story.  When it was all over, my husband and I sat in the afterglow of boxes and floral wreaths and wondered just what do we do with all of these gorgeous, sentimental and preloved pieces?  There wasn't a store that I could just drop them off at, online buy and sells require a lot of maintenance and garage sales weren't a great forum for selling a box of black Eiffel vases.  I was ready to let them go, but I couldn't just throw them away!  Winnipeg did not offer my ideal solution so I decided to create exactly what I was looking for.  And now I am sharing it with you!

Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments is a bridal boutique that connects former brides and their wedding items to future brides . Our vision is to foster a community of conscious consumers and educate brides (and other dress seekers!) on the benefits of buying local and previously loved.  We are the only full service wedding consignment store serving the Prairies.  Pearl & Birch offers alterations, customization and dry cleaning to any client in need of modestly priced, professionally executed tailoring and cleaning.

Alongside operating an ethical business, we have designed a space that is comfortable, elegant and inspiring.  We are proud to share that 80% of our interiors, equipment and fixtures come previously loved and were repurposed or upcycled.  Whenever possible, it is the principle of Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments to remain committed to providing greener business practices and supporting the community and collaborating with local businesses.