Hello lovely...

I'm Amanda and this is Pearl & Birch

I am your local wedding dress resale expert, lover of all things sustainable and ambassador of love stories for brides across the prairies.   I am also a wife, momma and a chunky knit sweater enthusiast.  Most of my Pinterest DIY's get lost in execution and my craft glue is always showing.  I have a tendency to hoard vintage treasures and am obsessed with shopping secondhand.

I love watching true crime documentaries and finding new ways to organize my busy household.  I can't wait to learn more about you!

A message from my family to yours:

As we enter into a time of unprecedented uncertainty, I want to reach out and extend my support to all the brides and grooms at this time who in preparation for their weddings are experiencing the added stress of re-imagining their love celebrations, postponing and even cancelling their events.  There is no right way to feel or wrong way to plan at this point.  We do the best with what we are given and we try to show ourselves and others compassion and kindness.  We have the privilege of serving two different clients- shoppers and sellers.  And we know we have an extraordinary obligation to both.  But no one was prepared for this.  No one can be.  And so I ask, in the wake of a temporary closure and in light of laying off all my staff. that you find in in your hearts to be gracious and understanding and empathetic during this time.  I have always fought to keep Pearl & birch alive.  I have sacrificed and fallen and failed and pulled myself back up more times than I can count.  I will never walk away from you.  So please don't walk away from me.  There are hard decision ahead, ones that will impact everyone involved.  But I am committed to our survival.  And if there is one thing I am at my very core, it is a survivor.


All my love,


I used to be somewhat of a socialite. I spent many afternoons shopping for new clothing and many late nights wearing fast fashion. I collected a closet full of overpriced, name brand status symbols and once wear fashion finds only to find myself years later in a life crisis that made breaking up with my closet one of the easiest relationships I ever ended.  And like with most catastrophes, I came out the other side knowing more about myself and what was really important in my life. The unusual bi-product of walking through fire is not only do you learn how quickly you can heal but you also learn what kind of risks you are willing to take, and which ones to always avoid.


So how did this career waitress and restaurant manager become the owner of Winnipeg's only full service bridal consignment shoppe? In Spring of 2016 my husband took a 10 foot fall off a roof and shattered his vertebrae, leaving him bed-ridden and unable to work.  Overnight I became the sole caregiver and financial provider for my family of four.  And I was terrified.  We had no savings and no backup plan.   What I did have was a community of friends and family who offered me an enormous amount of support in the form of childcare and casseroles and a closet full of clothing and a smartphone.

I got to work clearing my attic and created a boutique of party dresses, gala gowns and Guess jeans.  I starting posting detailed styled shots of my closet on Kijiji and hosting strangers in my home to shop.  I sent friends up to my third floor and told them to fill a bag for a mere $20. And I picked up my wedding dress from my mom's house and embarked on a journey to resell my gown to feed my family.  Well selling my Coach purses and Chanel sunglasses was easy enough on a buy and sell, a wedding dress was a whole different story.  It only took me two weeks and one fraudulent attempt to realize this was going to require a different approach.

Winnipeg did not offer my ideal solution so I decided to create exactly what I was looking for. 

And now I am sharing it with you!

I love clothing, but I also love to write and create.  I am a visual person who enjoys the concept of self expression through clothing.  Orsola De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution describe clothing as "or chosen skin...we communicate who we are, to an extent, through our clothing."  Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments is a bridal boutique that aims to connect former brides and their wedding items to future brides . Our vision is to foster a community of conscious consumers and educate brides (and other dress seekers!) on the benefits of buying local and previously loved.  And we do this through the idea that style comes before fashion and secondhand can be a first choice. We are the only full service wedding consignment store serving the Prairies.  Pearl & Birch offers alterations, customization and dry cleaning to any client in need of modestly priced, professionally executed tailoring and cleaning.

Alongside operating an ethical business, we have designed a space that is comfortable, elegant and inspiring.  We are proud to share that 80% of our interiors, equipment and fixtures come previously loved and were repurposed or upcycled.  Whenever possible, it is the principle of Pearl & Birch Wedding Consignments to remain committed to providing greener business practices and supporting the community and collaborating with local businesses.

As a mother and advocate, I have always been proud to promote environmental awareness, women owned businesses and locally made products.  I welcome you to join us in our efforts to continue the conversations about the planet we live on and the effects consumerism has on our global and local community.  I can't wait to meet you!