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Have you ever heard a friend talk about a girl she knew from work who had her wedding in an Irish castle? What about that cousin of yours who had a destination wedding and then stayed an extra week for her honeymoon? Perhaps now that you are planning your own love celebration you have started to see the true cost of the late night buffet, fireworks and digital photobooth? At Pearl & Birch we have dedicated ourselves to creating ethical, AFFORDABLE options that leave no bride wanting and the world wondering: just where did she get that dress?

Just like the dreams of brides on limited budgets or those who choose to reduce the pomp and circumstance from their wedding, we as a business have accepted the challenge of creating our own vision of who we are as a bridal boutique and what we can provide for our clients in an already saturated market with very limited resources and money.  So how did your local consignment shop end up in front of the Eiffel tower half a world away in a Meghan Markle inspired gown?  It is really quite simple.  We joined our creative forces and reached out to our talented friends and industry counterparts while drawing inspiration from the things we love. 

We decided to style a royal themed wedding shoot for this years

V.I.B. Magazine which was released at the 2019 Wonderful Wedding Show.  And there is nothing more royal than the golden gates at Petit Palais.  Our very own jill of all trades  Joëlle was headed there for a pre-planned family trip, and close friend and gifted photographer Ana Cortez from AMC Studio took a flight to meet her there.  Carry-on issues not withstanding they took to the streets in the city of love in the early morning hours to capture l'intemporel (that's French for timelessness - use it in a sentence today. You're welcome). 


The result was striking. The entire wedding look would cost less than $600.  The gown was a brand new dress, rescued from our racks.  We removed the belt and chose to focus on the classic features of the full skirt, structured neckline and low back.  The (removable!) sleeves were reclaimed lace in a delicate feather pattern from a vintage dress.  The hairpiece a thrift-store treasure made from a statement necklace and fashioned with hair combs and the shoes a preloved pick from our shelves by designer Badgley Mischka.  I know what you are thinking, who has the time and money to galavant off to Paris and pay a photographer to go with them.  In the real world, if you spent the average amount that most brides do on the entire wedding look our version would have saved you at least $1000.  We just found your flight.  There is hidden savings in every choice you make.  There is also ways to demonstrate your personal values through your clothing and your planning. Shameless plug: the focus of our blog in 2019 will be this exact topic. 

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