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Dry Cleaning

Pearl & Birch offers dry cleaning for all formal and everyday clothing. We can accept a wide range of items, just like your local cleaners! We use a family owned business for our service. Our turnaround time is 7-14 days for most items. Our dry cleaning services are available to everyone, there is no purchase or consignment necessary. There are two ways for outside clients to access our cleaning service:
1. Bring in a dress during regular business hours, no appointment necessary!
Walk ins always welcome for dry cleaning and handwashing. Keep in mind that if you are coming within an hour of closing it is best to call ahead so we can accomodate you.

2. Use our online calendar to book your drop off and even prepay for your service. This appointment can be contactless and is ideal for Saturdays to avoid processing times. Not sure what service to pay for? Select what you believe to be the best service for you. We can always adjust your selections after discussing with your needs.


We offer dry cleaning at a flat rate of $140 +tax for any and all wedding gowns, no matter the fabric, size or the amount of layers! Our consignor's receive a reduced rate for selling through us and pay $125 +tax.
Handwashing & spot cleaning formal starts at $10 +tax
Formal and bridesmaid dresses start at $25 +tax
Graduation gowns start at $55 +tax

All of our consignments must be cleaned prior to being place on the sales floor.  We provide a cleaning evaluation during your consignment intake. Please contact the shop if you need more information regarding the cleaning your items.
Request a consignment intake appointment here.

Price List

We dry cleanall sizes and styles of wedding gowns for $125 + tax.
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