How it Works

So, you have a dress to sell!  Thank you so much for your interest in selling at our shop. 

You are a part of a growing ethical wedding dress market here in Manitoba

and that is something to feel beautiful about. 

Here is  how you become part of our thriving consignment community:


1. Collect your closet

We accept wedding gowns, bridesmaid, flower girl, graduation and cocktail dresses, Mother's attire,  capes and wraps, as well as accessories including jewelry, shoes and veils.

For a full list please see WHAT WE ACCEPT  


2. Submit your items through our convenient online form.

Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the item(s) you wish to sell.

3. Schedule your intake

After submitting your items we will contact you via email for extra information or to make an appointment to bring in your preloved items. Please allow 7-10 business days for this response.

Once your item(s) have been approved schedule your appointment via phone.. 


In order to best serve our  market items purchased 8+ years ago will NOT be considered.


We do not purchase items outright and appointments are required to bring in your items for assessment and contract negotiations. 

Consignors should approach the consignment arrangement from the buyer's perspective:

What would you want to pay for a preloved dress?

How important is cleanliness and condition to you?

What level of service do you enjoy from the place you are shopping in?

As a store that strives to offer an experience comparable to high end bridal salons it is imperative that our consignors understand our conditions. 

Dresses must be clean in order for us to sell them.

You are welcome to clean it yourself and there are tons of helpful DIY cleaning videos online.  Pearl & Birch offers dry cleaning at affordable rates and can provide a quote for your items during the intake.

The Appointment

1. Assessing your items

Pearl & Birch will evaluate the condition and salability of each item.  We then offer and list pricing that reflects what we know it is valued at in the current market. If dry cleaning is required we will provide our rates and recommendations.

2. Terms and Conditions

We will explain the contract and your relationship with the consignment in detail. 

All clients are required to read the contract and sign the agreement.

3.  Store Policies & Procedures

We will detail how the store operates, ways to contact the boutique and

what happens at the end of your consignment with us.


All of our contracts are exactly 1 year to the day. Please keep this in a safe place, it is important. 


Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.  If you are 10 minutes late you will be asked to reschedule your intake.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled visit or you

no-show you will be charged a $5.00 fee on your next visit.

For those clients who wish to drop in we do offer walk-ins once a month for your convenience.


A successful consignment is the product of a respectful relationship between the Consignor and the boutique.  We ask all Consignors to honour the time and efforts of our business by maintaining thier commitments and understanding of the contract.

Why it Works

Pearl & Birch has sold over 4000 items including more than 300 wedding gowns in just 2 years. We are experts in our field, dedicated to understanding and cataloguing our always evolving inventory and connecting with new clients daily.  Selling preloved formal wear requires an

in-depth knowledge of sizing, fabrics, alterations, market values and customer service.

In addition to providing brides a one-stop shopping space we have established ourselves as a leading member of the formal wear and bridal retail community in Manitoba.

All brides deserve to have a wedding experience that reflects the journey of marriage.  Our bridal boutique is successful because we don't devalue that experience simply because our inventory was previously owned.  We offer all the amenties and services a traditional salon would offer.  Selling through online marketplaces can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating.  How much time do you really have to dedicate to selling your dress?

Let us simplify this process for you AND give a new bride the experience she deserves.

We hire and employ the right people.

We inform and educate our clients to create empowered consumers.

We offer alterations, customization, accessories and rentals.

We provide payment and layaway options that result in higher priced sales.

If you chose to sell with us we have established processes and policies that have created successful relationships for both shoppers and sellers.  Pearl & Birch is devoted to creating an organized and transparent arrangement for our sellers. 

Our intakes are performed one-on-one with a consignment specialist to ensure your understanding of the service we provide.  Appointments are mandatory because we are discussing a contracted agreement regarding property and we believe that this is best served with focused communication. It also allows us to add new inventory efficiently and keep the shop organized and appealling to the guests who will be buying your items! 

Is consignment right for me?

Our shop operates strictly on consignment which means we work to connect clients to your items on your behalf and then split the profit.  Consignment is a partnership that involves a contract and the continuous, respectful participation of the consignor. Maintaining a copy of the lawfully binding contract, abiding by the terms and conditions and respecting expiry dates is part of selling with us.  Consignment is not for everyone and that's okay! In order to have the best consignor experience please consider reading the following information before submitting your items. 


There's hundreds of you, and only a few of us.

There are over 1000 consignors at Pearl & Birch. Any time spent with consignors on the phone is time and attention spent away from clients in our store or towards marketing initiatives! 


In order to effectively serve our consignors we must devote our time and attention to our shopping clients! For this reason we respectfully request consignors utilize the tools provided to them to keep up to date on the status of their items and call us to schedule appointments for everything related to consignment.

The signed contract, the consignor access portal and our website contains helpful information regarding updates and the consignment process. We are always happy to help and should you have any further questions the consignment email address is the best way to get a hold of us.

 Need more information? Check out our FAQS!