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Used Before New

What if I told you every single one of our dresses was used? 


Yep, I said it. That dirty word that has consumers keeping their distance and spending money on expensive, new, once wear garments.  Fast fashion has us convinced that anything that’s not this year, this season, this style, this month, this designer, this price, this minute is just not good enough.


THIS is the problem.

It’s not the dresses. It’s not when they were made. It’s not how often they were worn. It’s not the fact that they are less expensive.  It’s not how they look, who designed them or the materials they were made from. Every single one of these gowns was made by a designer and sold from a shop that currently still makes and sells dresses exactly like them.  So why have we embraced the idea that if something was worn for 8 hours it is simply not good enough?  Because it's used. 

There is always going to be a newer something that is packaged and promoted to consumers.

Cars. Watches. Phones. Shoes.

The world is constantly showing us more, selling us something and convincing us it’s necessary. Our measure of quality used to be in an items resistance to revealing its age by how well it worked. How good it felt. How much joy it brought us. Now, its worth is measured in seconds. In dollars. In how we think others will perceive us by wearing it. •


We want to change that. We need to change that. We can change that. 

How many hours will you wear a special dress this year?

How many more hours will that garment make someone else feel good?

How much joy will that dress bring to the next person?

How many moments will it exist in where it will be absolutely perfect for what it was intended to be? 


Clothing was not created to be collected. It was designed to be coveted. To be cared for. To be captured in as many moments as possible. To linger in our memories and mark our moments. To be our expression, our extension and our identity. To tell our stories. To be loved. To be shared.To be repaired and reinvented. To be used. 

And now you see.That it isn’t a dirty word after all. 

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