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Conscious Creekside Wedding Shoot Pt 1: Venue , Decor + and the Great Outdoors

Welcome back to our eco-excited brides-to-be! Earth Day 2019 has inspired us to share our creative collaboration highlighting an easy to apply concept of triple-use that not only creates a sentimental and seasonal celebration but reduces waste and supports local vendors. Shot in Cooks Creek, Manitoba this sunny styled shoot had us working in 30 degree humidity and dodging rain drops although you wouldn't know it with the talented Chantelle Dione Photography behind the lens. The first part in our 3 part series focuses on the venue, decor and how we used our natural surroundings to design a dreamy day-time backdrop. Lets look at the details and discover the vendors involved!

Venue: All in the family

The shoot was held in my parents backyard along the picturesque Cooks Creek. When selecting an eco-conscious location look for spaces that utilize natural sunlight, don't require dozens of outside vendors to complete the day and has reasonable access to clean running water. Dozens of our brides have been married on family properties making this both a popular backdrop for a variety of themes and a cost-effective setting. If you are planning an indoor wedding look for hotels or restaurants that implement recycling programs, utilize bio-degradeable products and source local and/or seasonal food. Large windows and open rooms can also harness natural lighting and require less electricity during the day. If your venue is outside the city consider renting a shuttle for your guests which can also reduce emissions and provide safe transportation after the reception. We chose to have our ceremony, photos, dinner and reception all within the same space which reduces travel time, investment and environmental impact. And this the first example of how triple-use was applied in our mission to minimize!

Decor: Au naturel with a nod to nostalgia

Just because you are embracing an eco-friendly event doesn't mean you can't design a day that looks elegant and completely styled. This is where concept of triple-use will really pay off for you. As the day evolves simply moving some elements from one area to another will create new vignettes for guests to enjoy without adding additional expenses. Our alter area was styled using thrifted fabric from a local Salvation army, ornate picture frames in various sizes and a stunning antique chandelier rented from the Vintage Nest in Steinbach, Manitoba. Set againt a wall of trees and bushes courtesy of Mother Nature our outdoor setting provided the most beautiful and effortless backdrop. (We will transform the alter later on, you will love how we revisited the space as the celebration continued!) The seating for our ceremony featured vintage chairs in various cool white and green shades in the front row- perfect for priority seating for close family and friends. Behind these, the dark reclaimed wood benches handmade by the The Last Limb Woodworking & Event Rentals. The benches will be added to their equally stunning counterparts- reclaimed wood harvest tables also made by the same family owned business. Not only does this reduce the amount of seating you need to rent (and the cost!) it also creates a cohesive look throughout your spaces.

Our bridemaids walked the aisle holding thrifted lanterns adorned with pictures of loved ones who had passed. Not only does this reduce the use of florals, it pays homage to loved family members and includes their memory in the wedding day. The lanterns were then hung on shepards hooks as the proceeded towards the alter creating aisle decor that was truly meaningful. The florals and greenery we did use? Naturally grown and foraged from the property itself! Our favourite piece? The wooden love seat from The Vintage Nest that hosted signage by local maker Mockingbird Makery! This classic bench welcomed our guests to the ceremony, helped create a fun photo booth, provided additional lounge seating during the reception and finally the perfect photo-op for a post-wedding snuggle by the creek. Talk about working triple-time!

We love thrifting- why buy new when the perfect preloved piece already exisits! We used a vintage marble top table to hold signage, a chalk-painted refurbished table for our drink bar, a classic wheelbarrow to chill the most essential beverages, a brass painted metal two-tiered table in the lounge area for sips and s'mores and various wooden crates and pots from around the garden. All of our fabric was sourced secondhand. Familial details like the brass snuffer, brass candle holders and cut-crystal wine glasses (a wedding gift to my parents!) with floating candles were family heirlooms that add a nostalgic touch without costing a dime. Even the candles were sourced from a secondhand shop.

Let's make some memories!

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