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Joining the rewear revolution? We have gone virtual!

Missing our beautiful bridal studio.

This time of year would normally be filled with the sweet arrival of warmer weather and the anticipation of a sunny season of milestones, events and celebrations. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were all excited at the prospect of throwing bridal showers, attending graduation ceremonies and bearing witness to the unions of our closest friends and family. And now, well now, we are all in these bubbles. And the technology we have all come to depend on to create and maintain our social identities is now the only way we can connect to the outside world. And we have come to realize, in spite of the effort we as a culture have put into cultivating these online worlds, they are no substitute for true human connection. But we need to adapt.

This is a whole new world. We have spent hundreds of hours fine tuning our in-store experience. The shoppe was built on the premise that secondhand and previously owned gowns, although easily accessible on buy and sells, really deserved to be offered in a way that still valued the individual. A curated bridal experience was designed to ensure that our brides and guests were able to access hundreds of options while feeling like the only guest in the room. Catered and listened to shoppers turned into educated and empowered consumers. We developed our whole model on personalized shopping. So it's time to get creative.

Shopping with us is always personal.

So how can Pearl & Birch adapt within these new limitations? How do we offer a personalized and effective shopping experience that will not only allow brides to continue shopping and planning for their weddings but also allow them to make confident decisions about their choices, knowing they have now lost precious time in isolation? The great thing about Pearl & Birch is that we are ready to wear. Everything in our shoppe is available for same day purchase. We means no ordering windows or global shipping delays. This is something we can offer to every bride and it should give you piece of mind to know that we have everything you need at your fingertips when the time comes. But that is not it. Pearl & Birch has ALWAYS been more than just a bridal shoppe. We have learned so much about recreating gowns, repurposing dresses, restoring and marketing previously enjoyed items, saving money and protecting our environment within event planning in the last 3+ years. We have become experts in alterations and have learned so much from our collaborations with the planners, photographers, florists, makeup artists and hairstylist we have had the joy of working with over the years. And from our shoppers and sellers who have given us the honor of serving them through our services and trusted us with their stories.

I have struggled to figure out how we can be the most helpful outside of trying to sell products. I know there are brides who are in need of options to continue to plan their weddings and we support all of you in pursuing your vision. You deserve to have that big life moment. But I also struggle to monetize our services in a way that feels right for MY brand. Pearl & Birch has always been about accessibility. About affordability. About sustainability. About reinventing the modern day celebration with used clothing that supports our local community and a global movement towards conscious consumerism. And here’s how you can access it during Covid-19:

We have moved our shop online!

We have launched an online store that will start by offering our jewelry, hairpieces, belts and veils. It also features a selection of shoes, clutches and cocktail dresses perfect for checking your bridal shower outfit or wedding guest dress off the list. Look for a healthy helping of casual seasonal styles being posted on our Instagram as a way to climb out of those sweatpants and embrace the warmer weather. These items will be available for curbside pick up or delivery with the option to choose at checkout. Site is live and new items being added daily! What items would you like to see for sale online? Drop us an email and request your must-haves!

Online shopping just in time for spring!

Check out our weekly journal entries for insight into ways which we will use our expertise to help you navigate this new terrain. From postponements to environmental impacts, budget reducing wedding tips and money-making selling advice, we will walk with you through this difficult time with realistic advice, vendor interviews and tried and true methods from our shoppe to your inbox. Watch for the update of our Pinterest page so that you can save accessible information and pretty pictures in the place you already love to scroll. And finally, look for some downloadable style & shopping guides and other tools that will make you feel like an empowered consumer. Watch for our next journal entry, Isolation to Aisle, where we we get you from quarantine to alter with 30 days notice!

We hope that you know we are trying to our very best to focus on your needs, allowing you to move forward with your planning and continue to provide an option for ethical and sustainable shopping and valuable information for all things wedding and formal on the prairies. If you have any questions about what we offer or need help with something specific please don’t hesitate to drop into our inbox and say hello!

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