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Earth Day 2019: Get inspired by our Conscious Creekside Wedding Styled Shoot

Contrary to popular belief you don't have to be a environmental expert to make wedding plans with purpose. In honor of Earth Day we have taken a simple concept that anyone can apply and created a eco-friendly occasion in an all too familiar setting. Welcome to our Conscious Creekside celebration! Family properties and backyard bashes have been popular wedding venues for several years, providing cost savings and meaningful spaces ideal for special events. With our first-ever eco-shoot we chose this typical setting and designed a day that felt both intimate and ethical. Most importantly, anyone can implement this inspiration. Learn how we created a sentimental celebration from alter to reception by applying our concept of triple use into every element of the day in a 3 part series highlighting our Conscious Creekside styled shoot. Bur first, a little introduction into the world of eco-weddings.

Give your vision an upcycle!

It is a common misconception that mindful marriage celebrations fit into a mold of minimal and mundane. With a little bit of imagination and organization you can design a day that is both fabulous and eco-friendly. Start out by dividing your day into three parts- ceremony, dinner and reception. Within those categories determine what opportunities there are to reduce waste or manage your environmental impact. Ask yourself the following questions: Is this a must-have? If so, can I achieve this by reusing, reducing, rewearing or recyling? And finally, how much waste does this aspect of my event create and what is my plan to minimize that? If you are unsure of where to start, keep reading for the breakdown of how we approached this fully realized styled shoot. We will be exploring the decor, food, attire, venue and everything in between throughout our 3 part series.

Ready, set, plan!

There are many aspects of your event that can be acheived by you, your bridal party and your friends and family. Embrace the DIY friend, it can go a long way to achieving an ethical wedding. But, there are some things that you may wish to bring in an expert for. In the long run, out-sourcing may save you both time and money. Be realistic about what you have the time and capability to complete. Your three-days-before-wedding-self will thank you. Like many brides, we decided to team up with a planner in order to stay on task and properly execute the shoot. If you are considering creating a more conscious event I am sure you are curious as to how you pick the team of professionals to achieve your vision. The most important piece of advice we can give you not only applies to wedding planners but all pieces of the planning puzzle. You don't have to hire someone who specializes in ethical events, products or services to get what you desire. Obviously partnering with professionals who have a passion for the environment is ideal but it is not the only option. Ask and you shall recieve! Sometimes simply requesting your planner, makeup artist or caterer source the most ethical options while providing their service to you is all you need. Not only does this create more well-rounded providers who are invested in diversifying their portfolio it also raises the bar for what entire industries can do for a client when challenged to meet a new, greener standard. Most importantly, it demonstrates a need within these markets to make purposeful a priority. Hopefully inspiring them to consider more conscious practices for all their clients. One of the greatest catalysts for creating change is illustrating a need within the market. Businesses will respond to meet those needs, consumers just have to ask- and refuse to settle. A great example of this is our makeup team which was realized out of a desire to have the artistry and expertise of the team from Noir Cosmetics Studio with the quality and principles of the products provided by Portia Ella. And so a collaboration of beauty and beliefs was born. (How these vendors came together is a topic we will explore in part 2- stay tuned!) Explain to your vendor what is important to you and why. If they are worth investing in they will come to the table with a way to execute ethically. Whether you go with an eco-expert or an aspiring environmentalist choosing your collaborators with intention will go a long way.

Progress not perfection

One of the biggest sticking points for couples when planning is the misconception that utilizing ethical options is either impractical and/or expensive. If you can't execute an entirely eco-friendly event due to budget constraints or inaccessible ideas don't sweat it. Do what you can, where you can. Be open to the idea that having farm-to-table food may mean sacrificing a spend in another category but don't feel discouraged if the investment is out of your reach. Instead, look at other ways your wedding day can minimize your impact while reducing costs such as renting when possible, sourcing locally and seasonal selections. Socially conscious weddings do not have to fit into a theme or budget to work. All they require is a desire to explore the impact your wedding has on the environment and the willingness to make more environmentally responsible choices to reduce or eliminate those impacts. Happy Earth Day everyone- we can't wait to inspire you!

NEXT: Conscious Creekside Inspired Shoot Part 1: Venue + Decor

Our mission

Pearl & Birch maintains an ethical approach to everything we do, from the reusing of our garment bags to the upcycling of dated gowns to modern day dresses. Our mission is to sell-abrate slow fashion, offering options for all once-wear events. By rewearing and repairing dresses, shoes and accessories we decrease textile waste and reduce the global environmental impact of clothing production. April 22 is celebrated as Earth day and we wanted to showcase this beautiful eco-conscious styled shoot we created with a team of over 20 local vendors to encourage people to make mindful purchases and plan with purpose all year long. There are so ways to reduce our impact- follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and our blog for more inspiring ideas.


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