Why it Works

So, you have a dress to sell!  Thank you so much for your interest in selling at our shop. 

You are a part of a growing ethical wedding dress market here in Manitoba

and that is something to feel beautiful about. 

Here is why you should become part of our thriving consignment community:

All brides deserve to have a wedding experience that reflects the journey of marriage.  Our bridal shoppe is successful because we don't devalue that experience simply based on the fact that our inventory was previously owned.  We offer all the amenities and services a traditional salon would offer.  Selling through online marketplaces can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating. 

How much time do you really have to dedicate to selling your dress?

Let us simplify this process for you AND give a new bride the experience she deserves.

We are your resale experts in Manitoba.

Pearl & Birch has sold over 10,000 items including more than 1000 wedding gowns in less than 5 years. We are experts in our field, dedicated to memorizing and understanding our constantly evolving inventory in an effort to connect your items with new clients every day.   Selling used formal attire requires an in-depth knowledge of sizing, fabrics, alterations, market values and customer service. In addition to providing brides a one-stop shopping experience we have established ourselves as a leading member of the bridal and formal retail community in Manitoba.

Growth and adaption have helped us create a successful community.

After 5 years of consigning in Manitoba we have worked hard to assess and develop procedures that result in sales.  If you choose to sell with us we have established processes and policies that have created successful relationships for both shoppers and sellers.  Pearl & Birch is devoted to creating an organized and transparent arrangement for our consignors.  There are over 2000 people selling through Pearl & Birch. Any time spent with consignors on the phone is time and attention spent away from clients in our store or towards marketing initiatives!  In order to effectively sell our inventory we must devote our time and attention to our shopping clients. For this reason we offer online resources which our consignors can utilize to submit their items, source answers to their questions and keep up to date on the status of their items.


Just the two of us.  

Our intakes are performed one-on-one with a consignment specialist to ensure your understanding of the service we provide. 

Get something on the books.

Appointments are mandatory because we are discussing a contracted agreement regarding property and we believe that this is best served with focused communication. It also allows us to add new inventory efficiently and keep the shop organized and appealing to the guests who will be buying your items.  Scheduled visits prevent disruptions in our shoppers visits, ensuring we don't lose sales due to poor customer service. We schedule our appointments by phone to ensure that the dates and times we offer are the most current available.

Keep it simple.

We work hard to offer a space that understands our clients and strives to serve them well.  We inform and educate our clients to create empowered consumers.  We offer alterations, customization, accessories and rentals. We provide payment and layaway options that result in higher priced sales.  We provide regular business hours, hands-on experts and in-depth knowledge of the wedding industry.  By hiring and employing the right people we create the best opportunity to connect your closet.

Is consignment right for me?

Consignment is not for everybody - and that's okay!  We feel confident in our strategy because we have spent years perfecting it, but you may need to explore your options.

We use contracts and we expect our sellers to maintain knowledge of our policies. The signed contract, the consignor access portal and our website contain helpful information regarding updates and the consignment process and we rely on these tools to manage our high volume of sellers. We are always happy to help and should you have any further questions the consignment email address is the best way to get a hold of us.  If this sounds like a service that would suit your needs please submit your items!

 Need more information? Check out our FAQS!