Consignor Access Portal


I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and safe during this stressful and unusual time in human history.  Pearl & Birch has always felt that we know each and every one of our consignors not just as clients, but as people, and truly consider you the heart of what we offer to Manitoba brides.  It brings us great joy to serve you.  We know that we have made commitments to our sellers and in spite of everything that we as a business endured worked very hard to meet our obligations to all of our clients as this transpired.


- We reopened as of  May 5, 2020.  Communication with any consignor who emailed us during the closure was completed the week of May 19-23, 2020.  If you emailed us during the closure and were not contacted by a team member please contact us immediately.

- Pearl and Birch has been reopened for 3 months with regular business hours, an active voicemail, daily monitoring of our inbox and frequent updates on all of our platforms.  As a small business we have done our absolute best to be available, responsive and informative.

- All accounts that expired between March 18 and May 23, 2020 had their grace period extended to match the number of days were closed.  This means that all accounts that expired during the closure were extended by 77 days.  The final date for pick up on contracts that expired during the closure and were provided the 77 day extension was August 8, 2020.


- All contracts that DID NOT expire during the closure will maintain their terms and conditions as agreed upon during the original signing.  That includes grace periods and expiry dates as well as client communication regarding pick ups and renewals.  We are happy to discuss every contract will each individual and will evaluate requests on a case to case basis.


- We understand that clients may want to recoup the time lost on their one year term. Automatically extending all contracts would require a complete update of our entire consignor database and would alter the contracted agreement for every client, disrupting our very  detailed record keeping. If your item(s) did not sell and you wish to reconsign because of the 7 week closure we are happy to waive any fees associated with a new contract and provide you another term in the store free of charge.

- Payouts were deferred during the closure and reinstated as of June 15, 2020 with all outstanding payouts completed as of June 21, 2020.  If you did not receive outstanding funds please contact us immediately.


We understand that this is a lot of information and we have been as communicative as we can be with our 1500 sellers while continuing to serve our 2020 brides as they navigate this new landscape.  


With love,

Amanda and my the P&B team Teagan, Tiara, Jenelle, Maggie, Zoey and Adrianne. 

The best way we can serve our consignors and sell their items is by being available for our shoppers! We request consignors utilize our consignor access portal for 24 hour access to the status of their account balance. For this reason, Pearl & Birch does not contact consignors directly when their inventory has been sold.  Consignors are encouraged to check their account frequently for information regarding the sales of their inventory.

Your consignor ID is your phone number, and the password is system generated (until you log in and change it), and is sent to your inbox when you become a consignor.

If you have not received your Consignor Access link and information, please check your spam and junk folders (especially if you have a hotmail account).

If you still cannot find the email, please contact us at with your full name and the email on file.