Consignor Access Portal


I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and safe during this stressful and unusual time in human history.  Pearl & Birch has always felt that we know each and every one of our consignors not just as clients, but as people, and truly consider you the heart of what we offer to Manitoba brides.  It brings us great joy to serve you.  We know that we have made commitments to our sellers and in spite of everything that we as a business enduring right now we are working hard to meet our obligations to all of our clients.

We wanted to keep you updated about what we are doing during this temporary closure and what our operating procedures are like during the mandated closure.

- All accounts will have their grace period extended to match the number of days we are closed.  This means that all accounts are FROZEN and expiring accounts will remain ingrace until we reopen.  They will not convert to store property, whether a client contacts us or not.

- All pickups are postponed until such time that we can conduct them safely.

- All operations  are suspended and payouts deferred while we create new revenue streams. These deferrals are temporary and will be addressed as the situation evolves and resolved when we are able to reopen.

We understand that the situation we are all in today is stressful.  It is emotionally draining, uncertain and scary.  And we are all struggling.  As a parent, small business owner and human being I know exactly how many of you feel.  The only thing we can control today is how we participate in protecting each other from the virus and how we reinvent or day to day lives and our services.  We hope that you believe that we are doing our best. And we want you to know, whether you feel it or not, you are also doing your best.


With love,

Amanda and my the P&B team Teagan, Tiara, Jenelle, Maggie, Zoey and Adrianne. 

The best way we can serve our consignors and sell their items is by being available for our shoppers! We request consignors utilize our consignor access portal for 24 hour access to the status of their account balance. For this reason, Pearl & Birch does not contact consignors directly when their inventory has been sold.  Consignors are encouraged to check their account frequently for information regarding the sales of their inventory.

Your consignor ID is your phone number, and the password is system generated (until you log in and change it), and is sent to your inbox when you become a consignor.

If you have not received your Consignor Access link and information, please check your spam and junk folders (especially if you have a hotmail account).

If you still cannot find the email, please contact us at with your full name and the email on file.