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Consignor Access Portal

Your Consignor ID is your phone number, and the password is system generated until you log in and change it.  It is sent to your inbox after your consignment intake.

If you have not received your Consignor Access Portal link and information please check your spam/junk folders, especially if you have a hotmail account.

If you still cannot find the email, please contact us at with your full name and the email on file.

The best way we can serve our consignors and sell their items is by being available for our shoppers! We request consignors utilize our Consignor Access Portal for 24 hour access to the status of their account balance. For this reason, Pearl & Birch does not contact consignors directly when their inventory has been sold.  Consignors are encouraged to check their account frequently. If your account shows a balance an item has sold.  You will receive your payment in accordance to the terms laid out in your contract with consideration to any new and current policies listed here .



UPDATED MAY 12, 2024

Our consignment program has been discontinued as of April 28, 2024.

We will no longer be offering this service.

Our inventory review began in March of 2024 and it became clear that any adjustments we needed to make to the criteria of the program would have to involve the participation of our sellers. It was during that process that we made the difficult decision to end the service entirely.

We want to thank the thousands of people that have sold with us over the last 7 years and participated in the circular system consignment provided. Building this program with Manitoban's was a ground up endeavor and it was something we invested in whole heartedly through growing pains, pandemics and economic challenges.

Maintaining and onboarding new sellers and items is an enourmous task for a small business. We have thousands of sellers in our database and hundreds of active sellers at any given time. As noted here and in our literature the program offered many streamlined processes and online resources to assist in the day to day operations of the service along with a very detailed and transparent onboarding and intake process.


We have made the necessary changes over the years to meet the shopping market and remain a viable business while investing in a 5 star shopping service AND the seller experience. This included an intense level of communication and individual account maintenance in spite of the tools/resources we had invested in. Ultimately, we found the challenges of managing the service and the increasingly hostile and combatative behaviour of many program participants had created an unsafe work environment which impacted the mental health of all the staff.


It became clear that we could no longer engage in the service and we announced it was closing.

If you were are an active seller- meaning your contract has not expired- you were contacted via email up to 4 times and followed up with via phone in an effort to arrange a return of your items. The review was posted publicly but the instructions and details were sent privately.

Our inventory review process involved hundreds of people and was very organized and efficient resulting in the successful offboarding of 98% of our active sellers and included in-store account reconciliation for everyone who attended and qualified.


We want to thank all who participated respectfully in that process. We also want to send love to everyone who recognized and reached out with kind words either when observing the stressful and confrontational behaviour of other attendees or just to share their love and appreciation for our business. Your messages and hugs truly meant the world to us during a very difficult time.

If you have questions about an active account please check your inbox or email




Our consignment program has been busier than ever! To support the volume of clients we have continued to expand our online resources and implemented an automatic response in our consignment inbox to make sure the answers to the most frequently asked questions are accessible to you instantly. 

Please use the consignment inbox as a communication tool in order to ensure all of your inquiries and needs are met in a timely fashion. Our consignment team is not always present/available in the shoppe and consultants who specialize in shopping will not be able to assist you as a walk in or over the phone. Email is the best way to follow up on your contract dates, drop offs, payment eligibility, contract questions and expiry.

Keep in mind the entire process- from online inquiries to requests, intakes and post-intake care come with substantial support through automated resources, emails and your physical paperwork. Use these resources so that the in-store staff can focus on selling for you!

When your account is expiring simply email and request a pick up or renewal. Once you have contacted us we will provide the next steps for a smooth offboarding process or an easy extension of your items.

As  always, expiry dates are the responsibility of the seller and require direct contact on or before the last day of the grace period. Storage fees & donation policies are detailed in your paperwork.




UPDATED MAY 25, 2023

Pearl & Birch is opening a new location at 1857 Portage Avenue in June 2023. While we will be operating both stores until April 2024 our primary location will be in our new space. Please allow us some time to update our booking system, automated emails and reminders to reflect these changes. During the transition we will actively contact booked appointments to confirm what location their specific service is being offered if it is not made clear in your booking process.

All consignment intakes will continue at 539 St. Mary's Road unless you are informed otherwise.

Payouts for the month of May have been extended to accommodate the moving process. We will continue to work our way through our list and you can reach out to our team if you experience delays past May 31, 2023. 

Our email response times will be 5-10 business days until June 12, 2023 as we anticipate an adjustment period in business volume and staffing.


April 17, 2023

Our new consignment submission system has been in place since January. If you wish to sell with us please use this link to request your intake.

Our current payout cycle has been updated to reflect the high volume of sales. The payout cycle now runs for 7-10 business days and may exceed that if payout volumes continue to climb. Due to the number of e-transfer payouts being declined by consignors please note that a review of the transfer and subsequent repayment of the transfer will result in the repayment being added to the next pay cycle the following month to avoid administrative errors.

Any unclaimed cash payouts will be converted to store credit 1 year after the expiration of your 1 year contract or 2 years from your original consignment date.

Our contract was updated as of April 17, 2023 to reflect a new policy for early removal fees. We work very hard to connect items and to support those efforts we are must include a fee structure that compensates the business for marketing and consulting on items.

A note about selling your items on the buy and sell while on contract at Pearl & Birch:

Please read the updated withdrawal fee on your contract/in your consigor access account for info about removing your item from the shoppe early. If your item is cross-posted for private sale and we are made aware of a difference in list price Pearl & Birch will honour the public list price made by the seller on any resale platform. In order to maintain transparency and integrity with our shoppers we must cannot sell the item for higher than what it is advertised for elsewhere.

UPDATED Janaury 26, 2021

As of Janaury 26, 2021 Pearl & Birch has reopened for in-store shopping. Our consignment services reopen on February 5, 2021. A reminder that we are always available via email during mandated closures and we strongly  that all consignment communication be performed via email to maintain a record for both client and store.

Clients that requested a PICK UP will have a scheduling link sent to them as of February 7, 2021. If you requested a pick up from us and did not receive your link please email us immediately.

Clients that requested an email renewal will receive their emailed contract as of February 7, 2021.

All emailed contracts are due back no later than February 28, 2021 to remain active. If Pearl & Birch does not receive back a new, signed agreement your accounts extended grace period will end and your items will expire. The original terms and conditions apply. 

Moving forward all email renewals will have 3 weeks or 21 days to complete and send back their paperwork. If the paperwork is not completed and  returned the initial terms and conditions will apply.

Contract renewals are not automatic during mandated public health closures. 

See below for complete information on contracts that expire during closures and our policies for maintaining paperwork and  active accounts. We do require active participation from our sellers even during this time. As we have all been experiencing the effects of the pandemic in every facet of our lives for almost a year now we want to operate as normally as possible and continue to use an organzied and transparent system for our consignment services.

Please review your paperwork and contract so that you may particpate in that process.


Pearl & Birch will continue to adhere to the public health orders and will not be offering in-store consignment services. Virtual appointments  are available upon request to meet with a specialist one on one. Our FAQs contain information specific to consignments.

The policies below regarding expiring contracts still apply:

An automatic extension equal to the number of days we are closed plus an additional two weeks to arrange further action will be provided to all consignment contracts that expire.

Our most recent closure date is November 12, 2020.

Any contracts that do not expire but wish to have more time can renew their contract for an additional term free of charge. Email renewals are available and the consignor is responsible for reading and clarifying all information prior to signing.

We are available via email to answer any questions you may have at this time.



Pearl & Birch is now closed due to the mandated Critical Phase of Manitoba's pandemic response system.  This means all non-essential retail is closed.  We will not be performing any appointments that require in store visits including cash pick ups, item returns or intakes. 

As per our previous mandated closure policies all consignment contracts that expire during this time will have their grace period extended by the number of days we are closed plus two weeks in order to provide enough time to arrange further action on expiring accounts.

It is important to note that we DO NOT automatically extend all contracts.  Please continue reading our update from the Spring closure for further information on this policy and complimentary renewals.


Our current policies and procedures during Code Red can be found here.

Pearl & Birch is remains open for selling and shopping at this time therefore no changes will be made to our contracts, appointments or operating procedures in regards to our consignment service.

I hope that this message finds you and your family healthy and safe during this stressful and unusual time in human history.  Pearl & Birch has always felt that we know each and every one of our consignors not just as clients, but as people, and truly consider you the heart of what we offer to Manitoba brides.  It brings us great joy to serve you.  We know that we have made commitments to our sellers and in spite of everything that we as a business endured worked very hard to meet our obligations to all of our clients as this transpired.


- We reopened as of  May 5, 2020.  Communication with any consignor who emailed us during the closure was completed the week of May 19-23, 2020.  If you emailed us during the closure and were not contacted by a team member please contact us immediately.

- Pearl and Birch has been reopened for 5 months with regular business hours, an active voicemail, daily monitoring of our inbox and frequent updates on all of our platforms.  As a small business we have done our absolute best to be available, responsive and informative.

- All accounts that expired between March 18 and May 23, 2020 had their grace period extended to match the number of days were closed.  This means that all accounts that expired during the closure were extended by 77 days.  The final date for pick up on contracts that expired during the closure and were provided the 77 day extension was August 8, 2020.


- All contracts that DID NOT expire during the closure will maintain their terms and conditions as agreed upon during the original signing.  That includes grace periods and expiry dates as well as client communication regarding pick ups and renewals.  We are happy to discuss every contract will each individual and will evaluate requests on a case to case basis.


- We understand that clients may want to recoup the time lost on their one year term. Automatically extending all contracts would require a complete update of our entire consignor database and would alter the contracted agreement for every client, disrupting our very  detailed record keeping. If your item(s) did not sell and you wish to re-consign because of the

7 week closure we are happy to waive any fees associated with a new contract and provide you another term in the store free of charge.

- Payouts were deferred during the closure and reinstated as of June 15, 2020 with all outstanding payouts completed as of June 21, 2020.  If you did not receive outstanding funds please contact us immediately.

We understand that this is a lot of information and we have been as communicative as we can be with our 1500 sellers while continuing to serve our 2020 brides as they navigate this new landscape.  To receive future updates directly consider signing up for our newsletter.


With love,

Amanda, Tiara & the P&B team 

The best way we can serve our consignors and sell their items is by being available for our shoppers! We request consignors utilize our Consignor Access Portal for 24 hour access to the status of their account balance. For this reason, Pearl & Birch does not contact consignors directly when their inventory has been sold.  Consignors are encouraged to check their account frequently. If your account shows a balance an item has sold.  You will receive your payment in accordance to the terms laid out in your contract with consideration to any new and current policies listed above .

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