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Our Portage Avenue wedding shoppe is open!

There is nothing more rewarding (and more risky) than then going all in on your business. After 6 years of floor plan revisions, leaking ceilings, hot summers with no central air and thousands of shoppers and sellers Pearl & Birch has opened a beautiful new space on Portage Avenue less than 2 minutes from Polo Park.

Winnipeg wedding conisgnment shop with gorgeous vintage furniture.

New space, same service

We may have built a shiny new store but we have not changed our amazing experience. Everything we designed to support the thousands of shoppers and sellers we have hosted each year is at the center of what we will offer in our new shoppe. Our team has worked passionately to create a personal shopping experience that challenges the idea that shopping "used" means compromising on service, selection and the amenities available. Not only are we doubling down on how we feel clients should be served and supported through the shopping process but we have added a third private studio and more formal fitting rooms to accommodate guests while having the space to grow our inventory!

Our consignment program remains an always evolving service that continues to connect peoples closets, offering a effortless alternative to the buy and sell using our expertise and online tools to offer an easy and efficient way to make money off your formal wear. Supported by amazing dry cleaning and handwashing rates selling has never been this simple! All of our consignment intakes will be hosted at our new location and you can learn all about selling (and grab a great promo!) by opting in here.

Location, location, location!

Proximity matters. We know your time is oh so valuable. That is why we chose a location that is within minutes of of several other wedding and formal salons while avoiding the soul-crushing traffic of the shopping dense Polo Park area. 1857 Portage Avenue features parking in the back and on the side streets. Both our front and rear entrances are wheelchair accessible and the entire layout is designed to host any guest comfortably. Did I mention the central air?

We put the personal in personal shopping

Let's talk about the brilliant one on one experience you deserve to have when shopping for your next event. Since 2017 we have focused on creating inclusive and informative consultations rooted in the concept of empowering consumers to make decisions they feel great about. To achieve this we offer a variety of convenient ways to book appointments, accessible hours, spacious seating areas and over-sized studios for our wedding consultations. Our Portage shoppe was designed for everyone from solo shoppers to eager friends & fam to interact with the inventory and move through the space feeling inspired. Each area caters to the different needs of our clients, providing separation between evening and wedding, accessories and alterations, all while maintaining the vintage charm we are known for with our fixtures and displays. It's like a giant walk in closet of all things event hosted in your grandmas bougie 1950's livingroom.

There's something about St. Mary's

While Portage Avenue is poised to become our flagship store the St. Mary's location will continue to operate with it's own unique offerings. We have curated a collection of cocktails suitable for every day and event in a range of styles and sizes in order to launch our Pearl & Birch Boutique. The boutique also features shoes, evening bags, accessories and outerwear in addition to our clearance wedding and formal. Budget conscious buyers can check out the wedding and formal items while quantities last. Walk ins will always be welcome and we encourage anyone who loves sustainable fashion to add us to their list of most loved shoppes for style savvy event wear.

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

For years Pearl & Birch has been encouraging the idea that secondhand could, ahem, should, become peoples first choice. We have forged a path in the Winnipeg wedding world that is uniquely are own, creating lifelong memories with our clients. Our new space is the culmination of the collective effort of our community to champion the idea that economical and ethical options exist in an industry notorious for long timelines, big price tags and stressful shopping experiences. It is our pleasure to present to you Pearl & Birch Wedding and Formal. We hope to see you there very soon!




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