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Our top 5 current consignment must-haves

It is gonna be a hot selling summer and we want fresh new inventory to dress our guests! Most people assume that the summer season is strictly for current events and that demand dwindles in the months where weddings are taking place. The truth is people are looking for wedding, grad and formal all year round. There is never a bad time to consign we just want to get more specific on the types of items our current and future clients are looking for at this time of year. Here is our top 5 current consignment must-haves for the summer!


Let's start with the least obvious item. I know what you are thinking- didn't grad season just end?! It sure did. But gone are the days of picking out a dress from Mariposa in the mall. Modern day graduates start shopping in August. No, you are no hallucinating. AUGUST. Most schools have an online chat where dresses are approved based on the fact that another clsssmate hasn't bought that style yet making grad gown selection like the shopping olympics for those who want first dibs on the color and style of their choice. The gold medal always goes to the graduate who drops their dream dress in the chat first. To avoid the heartbreak of having to choose your second favorite the early bird gets the gown.

Hot tip: submit your grad gown for consignment by late July or early August so that it is dry cleaned and floor ready no later than the first week of September when our grad sales sky rocket. Wait too long and your dress style becomes, "soooo last season". You'll get maximum return on a dress the newer it is.


Similarly to graduation gowns your instinct may be that this is off season shopping time and that your gown will be spending its summer sitting on our racks. In actuality, bridal salons are telling their clients they must order 8-12 months in advance which means 2024 brides who are getting married between April and August are already booking appointments and purchasing their dresses. Considering the timeline for weddings can stretch based on the alterations required and family members may have time off in the summer to spend in a consultation we encouage our consignors to get their gown on contract as soon as they are ready to part with it. Your dress will compare to the current trends the sooner you consign it which means a higher return on your sale.

Hot tip: dry cleaning your dress directly after your big day will preserve the quality and ensure that the cleaner has the best chance of restoring your hem to like-new condition. Even if you are not planning on selling the longer you wait the more likely stains will set in.


You shopped, you swooned and now you are the proud owner of a once wear dress that you can't really see yourself wearing again. Whether you found something for the season that has already been captured in photos at multiple events, you chose something super trendy that worked at one wedding but would be a no go at another or you panick picked something you could never quite get comfortable in at some point you won't wear it again. Instead of letting those cocktails languish in past-purchase purgatory pull them out of your closet and sell them while they are still relevant.

Hot tip: when cleaning out your closet assess your dress by asking yourself "have I worn this in the last 6 months, is this my current size or do I picture myself wearing this any upcoming seasonal events?" If you answer no to any of these consign that cocktail and use the money towards buying something you'll actually wear.


Mother's are some of our most discriminating and last minute clients. Finding something that walks the line between matronly and sophisticated mama can be really difficult in retail. Combine that with reduced size options, high price tags and ordering windows, it can be a frustrating experience searching for the perfect mother's dress. Especially because at this stage of your life you really won't wear it again. Consider consignment your way of saving someone else from the endless search and sell as soon as you are done. Mother's shop year round but tend to wait until weeks before the event to make a decision, making summer prime time for purchasing.

Hot tip: when you bring in your mother's attire bring the cape, wrap, shoes, clutch or jewelry you styled it with. This will up the outfit ante by having options to complete the look. We will list them separately but offer them to anyone who is interested in your gown.


Keep it (semi) casual. Our clients love the effortlesness of a formal jumpsuit. The perfect mix of casual and dressy the jumpsuit offers a sophisticated silhouette will leveling up on the idea of pants as party and wedding wear. Jumpsuits are also perfect for wedding adjacent events like rehearsal dinners and showers making them a really popular choice for all styles and ages of clients. This year round wardrobe choice works for all seasons.

Hot tip: if you are going to hem a pant suit keep the length inside so that the item can be considered by as many clients a possible.

Selling in the "off season" may feel like a gamble. But our appointment times offer a variety of options, we have a high demand for inventory (especially since we opened a new location!) and it is always in your best interest to capitalize on the urgency of the season for people who are still shopping for 2023 while creating strong considerations for the 2024 clients. You won't wear it again, but somebody will. And they are shopping at Pearl & Birch.


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